Why People Migrate to Other Contries

The course I took at Arizona State University at the west campus about migration and culture had fascinated information.  I did not know that people from different parts of the world go and migrate to Europe or other continents. I come from a migrate family and I was able to do analysis why my parents decide to migrate to this country. I had never though that I would be able to figure out the reason why they have stay here in this country.

     Many factors play a big role with migration.  There are people that migrate to different countries because they fear that their lives are on danger.  Others leave their countries because they are very poor and where they plan to migrate they can save enough money and help the family back home.  Remittances play a big factor in certain countries because this is how they help the country’s economy.  Not enough work is in the country but there is money that is being circulated.

     Other people migrate to a different country because they love the adventure. A small percentage of people do this type of adventure by going to a different country. These are the people that love to experience new things in their life.


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