Family Migration Object: Una Servilleta

            This object I have is used in my family in many different ways. It can be used as a tablecloth or a servilleta use to cover up the tortillas. One buys the cloth, but one has to do the sewing. It already comes with the design when a person buys the cloth. The people that do the sewing are mainly women. This servilleta is used where my parents originally come from.

            My family comes from Guerrero a southern state of Mexico. My dad started coming to the United States as soon he finished his service with the Mexican army. This was in the year 1974 when he began coming to the US. He was only 18 when he took on the adventure of his life. The reason he emigrated here was that back in Mexico the family was poor.  He had just married my mother. There was not enough money to survive with back in Mexico. My dad went through the desert 13 times to cross the border into Arizona. He crossed many times mainly because he was a farm worker here in the United States. Sometimes he would be detained by immigration and deported back to Mexico. The last time he went through the desert was in 1983.


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