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Open Letter

This page is my plea to anyone who cares to listen. 

     Here is my advice to you.  TRAVEL.  Get out and see the world.  It doesn’t matter what your major is.  It doesn’t matter what your interests are.  Until you see the world you cannot appreciate what you have and you cannot truly understand your own country or who you are.  Did you know that only 25% of United States citizens hold passports?  CHANGE THAT.  If international travel is not available to you now, travel the United States.  Travel your state.  Meet new people.  Experience new things.  Try new food.  Experience all of the world’s religions.  Talk to people, even if it is just someone at a bar or someone in a class that you’ve never spoken to before.  I promise that you will be surprised at how much you will learn.  Once you start experiencing new things you will discover things about yourself that you never thought you would be capable of.
     There are many different ways that you can see the world.  Semester at Sea is a fantastic option, but it is not the only one.  Any study abroad program, even if it a short one, can give you a wonderful glimpse of the world.  Save the money, take out loans, take a semester off and go somewhere, anywhere as long as it’s new.  Talk with advisors at your school – there is some program that you can apply to your major. 

     The last thing I can say is good luck.  I hope this site and the work I have done was helpful or insightful or even interesting.  I’ll finish by saying it again – TRAVEL – it will open your eyes.

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