Learning From South Phoenix

By Thinh Tran


Open Letter to any who has interests in South Phoenix.

My Freeze-Frame in South Phoenix

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976, up to date, it consists of more than 1050 chapters in 40 countries.  Habitat has completed more than 30,000 homes.  It has 12 affiliate chapters in Arizona that have built more than 100 homes, selling them at no-profit, with no-interest mortgages.  Volunteers who dedicated their in building houses made it possible for low-income residents to own homes.  

Follow this link to Habitat for Humanity Website.

Here is a Shot/Reverse-shot that I made while hammering nails of top of a roof.


Rio Salado River Project


The Phoenix Rio Salado Project is a major project long in planning and already underway, to restore the Salt River to its natural state.    Follow this link to the Phoenix Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Project website for project updates.

Letter to the Residents of S. Phoenix is a mini-assignment that I chose after I'd interviewed a few South Phoenix residents.  Most complained that new houses are being built in the area, but schools are yet remodeled.  They want new and better school for their children.  

Link to Author's Personal Bio Page

Link to our group's project web site.  Many residents complained of how they must drive for miles to get to their favorite restaurants, best-tasted coffee and electronic stores with many goods.  Our group organized  a page called WANTED to fulfill the needs of South Phoenix residents. 

Link to each individual web page in our class.

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