High School Interview in South Phoenix:



-          Places you feel are dangerous: Scottsdale and Chandler

-          Acting Ghetto is a frame of mind

-          In other areas things are just more hushed

-          Ghetto is like someone going to the market in their pajamas

-          At night when your walking: Don’t walk alone or dress “slutty” and carry maze (protection)

-          If there is anything bad about their school it would be weed, but there are so many other schools on the Westside and so on that have crack, ecstasy, etc.

-          Administration helps them to succeed.

-          Where do you hang out after school: At the liquor store (candy), extracurricular activities, and work

-          Changing the name from South Phoenix to South Mountain Village: The name will only harm residents because the name has personal meaning behind it.




-          Scared to be on the Southside

-          Administration is not good

-          Feels South Phoenix is Dangerous

-          Lives in the newer area of South Phoenix




-          Has had no robbery in his house since he was born (doesn’t feel S.Phoenix is dangerous)

-          People drive crazy in South Phoenix

-          Likes S. Phoenix, would love to raise his own family in the newer area of South Phoenix

-          Ghettos exists all over Arizona not just South Phoenix




-          The media makes things bigger when things happen in South Phoenix

-          Groups of people who act Ghetto, it is usually just that

-          Tony has a job, does extracurricular activities, and takes Community College classes on his free time or after school

-          Administration has close relationships with the students

-          Friend almost got kidnapped in Chandler




-          Fears the “Crack heads” and protection against it is a dog and/or a gun

-          Ghetto is in all groups and it just depends on the person

-          Fears Hispanic men

-          No one uses the word “nigger” only pure black people can

-          Against half whites and blacks using the word “nigger”

-          Has a job and does extracurricular activities

-          Close to the administration




-3/4 of students were African American

-12/24 students born in S. Phoenix

-12/24 student’s parent(s) born in S. Phoenix

- Use of the word nigger is freely used in class

- Isaac is afraid of the Westside (avenues)

- Racism exists in South Phoenix (14/ 24 agrees)



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