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Current Projects

Tectonic Geomorphology of the Bhutan Himalaya 

Extensional Fault Systems in the Ama Drime Range, Southern Tibet 
(south Tibet)

Abrasion by Bedload and Suspended Load: Experimental study
(ASU Flume Lab)

Quantification of Event-scale Landscape Dynamics using Environmental Sensor Networks & T-LiDAR 
(Arizona, California)

Tectonics and Topography in the Transverse Ranges: Landscape response to increasing rock uplift across the transition from soil-mantled to rocky slopes
(San Gabriel Mountains, California)

Quantifying the Climatic Control on Erosional Efficiency 
(California, Mexico, Honduras)  

Previous Projects

The Formation of the Athabasca Valles Channel System, Mars 

Alluvial Fans on Mars: Overland runoff volumes and formation time

Bedrock and Sediment Controls on River Incision, Henry Mountains and Navajo Mountain, Utah 
(Henry Mountains and Navajo Mountain, Utah)

Experimental Study of Bedrock Incision by Abrasion: Interface evolution 
(MIT Flume Lab)

Landslides, River Profiles, River Incision, and Relationships among Topography and Erosion on the Eatern Margin of the Tibetan Plateau 
(east Tibet)

Uplift History of the Cordillera Occidental, Southern Peru, from Canyon Geomorphology
(Cordillera Occidental, Peru)

Constraining the Architecture of Active Thrust Systems

Knickpoint Migration
(Waipaoa River, New Zealand)

Relief Evolution in Tectonically Active Mountain Ranges
(western U.S and Southern Alps, New Zealand)

Relief Evolution at the Fluvial/Glacial Transition
(Sierra Nevada, California and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado)

Dynamic Response of Bedrock Channels to Tectonic Forcing
(King Range, California)