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Book About Aztec Rural Sites

by Michael E. Smith

Archaeological Research at Aztec-Period Rural Sites in Morelos, Mexico, volume 1: Excavations and Architecture / Investigaciones Arqueológicas en Sitios Rurales de la Epoca Azteca en Morelos, Tomo 1: Excavaciones y Arquitectura, by Michael E. Smith. University of Pittsburgh Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, no. 4 (1992). ISBN: 1877812064. ($32.00)

This is a site report that describes archaeological excavations directed by Michael E. Smith and Cynthia Heath-Smith at the Aztec rural sites of Cuexcomate and Capilco in the Mexican state of Morelos. These are the most completely-excavated Aztec rural sites, and the fieldwork provides important new insights into the nature of peasant households, social classes, trade, ritual, and agricultural practices in a provincial area of the Aztec empire. This report is a bilingual edition, with all text in both English and Spanish. It contains numerous maps, drawings, and photographs of the excavations. Interpretive chapters deal with agricultural practices, functional interpretations of architecture, demography, and social organization at the household and community levels.

A second volume containing artifact descriptions and details of the ceramic chronology is currently in preparation.
photo of excavated houses The photo at left shows the excavation of Aztec peasant houses (unit 101) at the site of Capilco.

The author, Dr. Michael E. Smith, is Professor in the Department of Anthropology, University at Albany (State University of New York).

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