BCH 341 - Spring 2020

Prof. Marcia Levitus

Introductory Video 2020: Dr. Levitus introduces the class and discusses the syllabus.

FAQ (Find more detailed information in the links above)

What textbook is required for this course?

There is no required textbook.The instructor uses materials from many sources, and you do not need a textbook to complete any of the assignmens. If you like having a textbook as a reference, consider purchasing a copy of "Physical Chemistry: Principles and Applications in Biological Sciences" by Tinoco et al. The professor uses the 5th edition as a main source of class materials, but the 4th edition is pretty close (and much cheaper if you get a used copy). Another great resource, which the professor uses extensively to prepare lectures, is "The Molecules of Life: Physical and Chemical Principles" by J. Kuriyan.

Will you curve if the average grade in a partcular exam is too low?

No, we will never curve. If you are not satisfied with an exam grade you should focus on earning as many extra credit points as possible by working on the extra credit assignments available in Mastering Chemistry.

I was sick the day of a home work assignment deadline. Can you give me an extension?

No. HW assignments are open for more than a week before the deadline, and you should not wait until the last minute in case you have an unexpected change in your schedule. In addition, you lose only 5%/day of your grade after the deadline, so you can get a substantial percentage of your total score even if you submit your work several days late.

I was sick the day of a quiz deadline. Can you give me an extension?

No. Quizzes are not mandatory, and they are open for about a week before the deadline so you should not wait until the last minute in case you have an unexpected change in your schedule. Quiz points are extra credit, and you will have other opportunities to earn extra credit points if you wish.

What do I do if I have technical issues with Mastering Chemistry during a timed quiz?

Follow the instructions in the FAQ of this page carefully.

Is attendance mandatory?

The instructor will not take attendance. However, this does not mean you are not expected to attend class. The instructor will operate under the assumption that all stuents are familiar with the material covered in class, including any announcements that were made. In other words, if you don't come to class you should take the initiative to look at posted materials to be sure you are not missing anything.

I'm a few points short of the points needed for a C grade. Can you give me any extra credit opportunities?

There are opportunities to earn extra credit points during the semester, and you should take advantage of them BEFORE the semester is over. There won't be any additional chances to earn extra credit points after 11:59PM the last day of classes.

Will you post the solutions of the home work problems/ quizzes/ practice exams?

No. You are always welcome to come to office hours or email your TAs if you want to check if your work is correct.