Paul Kei Matsuda

CCCC 2006

I'm still trying to clear my desk after TESOL and CCCC.

Since 1995, I've been working with many of my colleagues at CCCC to integrate L2 writing issues into the organization and the profession, and it seems to be making a difference. There are a number of L2 writing specialists who attend CCCC regularly, and there seems to be a strong sense of community. L2 writing sessions--workshops, panels, and SIG meetings are also well attended not only by specialists but also by composition teachers who are beggining to realize the importance of addressing the needs of L2 writers in their classrooms. And it was good to see Duku Anokye, a former member of the L2 Writing Committee, working as the program chair and next year's CCCC Chair.

The two Wednesday workshops seemed to work well--we received strong evaluations from the participants. Kate Mangelsdord, Jay Jordan, Fifi Juliana, Michelle Cox, and Laurel Reinking did a great job of organizing the workshops. We'll be continuing the tradition next year.

The panel I organized--the one on the implications of terms people use to describe L2 writers with Diane Belcher, Barbara Jean Hall, and Shondel Nero--was well attended. The room was packed--both TESOL and CCCC need to realize that L2 writing is much more popular than they realize! I also saw some established composition specialists, including Keith Gilyard and Susan Jarratt, in the audience. I problematized the popular term "generation 1.5." I had anticipated a strong reaction from some of the people in the audience, but they all seemed to accept my argument.

I didn't get to any other panels because of meetings, but judging from the reports at the Committee open meeing on Saturday, we had a successful year. I hope the trend continues next year. I'm actually excited by Cheryl Glenn's leadership and her call for papers, which highlighted identity and language, and mentioned ESL explicitly.

Deborah Crusan organized a consultation session that featured a lot of L2 writing specialists--Diane Belcher, Colleen Brice, Chris Casanave, Ulla Connor, Dana Ferris, Ann Johns, Ilona Leki, Tony Silva, Margi Wald, Jessica Williams, Carol Severino, and me. It was also well attended, and the discussion was really interesting.

Kevin DePew and Susan Kay Miller-Cochran's SIG attracted a small group of people--perhaps because it was competing with the Bedford/St. Martin reception at the Field Museum. But the presentations on writing center by Paula Gilespie and Sarah Riling as well as the response by Carol Severino was interesting, and I enjoyed the discussion and the informal dinner afterwards.

The challenge next year, of course, is that CCCC and TESOL are going to be taking place at the same time. I hope there will be a good respresentation of L2 writing specialists at both conferences to keep the momentum going.

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