Paul Kei Matsuda

The Other Durham

Just came back from a visit to Duke University in the other Durham. The campus was absolutely stunning! I would love to teach at a university with such a beautiful campus. The on-campus hotel--Washington Duke Inn--was one of the best university-affiliated hotels I have stayed in.



But it wasn't a job interview--I went there to give two talks on second language writing--one for writing center tutors at Duke and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the other for instructors of the award-winning writing 20 program directed by Joe Harris.

I got to spend a lot of time with my host Vicki Russell, who directs the Writing Studio at Duke. I was quite impressed by the program and the enthusiasm of the staff members.

I also had the opportunity to spend some time with Joe Harris and Maria Parker (who directs the English for International Graduate Students Program at Duke) as well as Kim Abels, Gigi Taylor and Ryuko Kubota from UNC.

I also got to enjoy the warm wheather and the foliage, which I didn't get to enjoy in this Durham because I was out of town during its peak.

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