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CFP: CMLR Special Issue on Multilingual Literacies

Canadian Modern Language Review
Special issue on Multilingual Literacies

The Canadian Modern Language Review will feature a special issue on multilingual literacies in September 2008. Assumptions of monolingual language and literacy competencies in educational approaches are increasingly questioned by practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and theorists who recognize the growing presence of multilinguals in communities, schools, and the workplace. Research on literacy has moved beyond a focus on one or two languages to consider the complex range of literacy practices adopted in diverse languages and spheres of social activity. In the last decade, work on the intersection of literacy and multilingualism has contributed to the emergence of theories of multilingual literacies. Recent innovative literacy programs that include a variety of languages aim to meet the needs not only of multilinguals and students of diverse heritages but also of those seeking an education that prepares them to live in a global society. The editors of this special issue invite researchers and literacy practitioners in Canada and abroad to submit articles in English and in French on theory, research, and practice in multilingual literacies.

Final submission deadline: December 1, 2007

Submissions should be sent in electronic form, either through PReSTO ( or by e-mail to the CMLR Editorial Assistant, Rachel McArthur, at or

Receipt of all manuscripts will be acknowledged within a week of their arrival. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please send an inquiry directly to

Questions about the special issue may be addressed to the co-editors:

Heather Lotherington
Faculty of Education
York University
4700 Keele Street
North York, ON
M3J 1P3

Diane Dagenais
Faculté d’éducation
Université Simon Fraser
8888 University Drive
Vancouver (Colombie-Britannique)
V6R 3J2

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