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CFP: Academic Exchange Quarterly


One academic journal is going to have a special edition on second language acquisition and pedagogy.  We would like to encourage you to consider contributing your papers.


Journal name: Edition: Second language acquisition and pedagogy

Editor: Hiroshi Matsumoto, Ph.D. Soka University of America, California

Deadline: May 31, 2008


A special issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly

(Fall 2008, Volume 12, Issue 3) looks for quality manuscripts about second language acquisition and pedagogy.


This issue aims to explore helpful cutting-edge knowledge on second language acquisition and pedagogy.  The target language may be any second/foreign language, including English as a second language (ESL), Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.  Both quantitative and qualitative studies are welcome.  More specific topics encompass, but are not limited to:


1. Input and interaction

2. Teacher talk (the language of instruction that second/foreign language teachers use in the classroom)

3. Interlanguage or learner language analysis (i.e., error, discourse, pragmatics, and conversation analyses)

4. Learner variables (such as motivation, personality characteristics, age, aptitude, and learning styles)

5. Study abroad

6. Task or content based instruction (including immersion program)

7. Language for specific purposes (LSP) (including science and technology)

8. Form-focused instruction

9. Teaching cultural understanding in a second/foreign language class

10. Teaching listening, speaking, reading, and/or writing skills.


The edition intends to bring together new findings and insights about second language acquisition and, hence, contribute to the enhanced efficacy of second/foreign language learning and teaching.


Who May Submit:

Submissions are welcome from teachers, researchers, administrators, and teacher educators at all levels. Please identify your submission with keyword: LANGUAGE-2

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of May 2008; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

Submission Procedure:   




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