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Job Announcement: Postdoctoral Fellow in SLA/Rhetoric/Composition

The Center for Academic Excellence/the Writing Center (CAE/WC) is interested in hiring a postdoctoral fellow for a one-year, possibly renewable, contract. CAE/WC faculty will train this fellow in the specific rhetorical features of writing in a health care/biomedical research institution to enable him or her to participate in the on-line services of CAE/WC with the King Abdullah International King Abdullah International Research Center King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences-Riyadh (KAIMRC/KSAU-HS) and to work with students at the Medical University of South Carolina on various writing projects they are assigned and expected to complete.


The postdoctoral fellow will be expected to teach rhetorical concepts of English and writing process as well as issues related to second-language acquisition under the following conditions (60%):


·         Conduct one-on-one on-line Writing Center appointments for theses with master's level students at KAIMRC/KSAU-HS.

·         Conduct on-line Writing Center, grant-writing appointments with  KAIMRC/KSAU-HS faculty

·         Conduct on-line Writing Center appointments with KAIMRC/KSAU-HS faculty as they prepare papers for publication in scientific journals written in English.

·         Conduct on-line Writing Center appointments on research proposals with KAIMRC/KSAU-HS medical school students.

·         Conduct on-line Writing Center appointments for CVs and personal statements as requested by KAIMRC/KSAU-HS medical students.


The postdoctoral fellow will also teach rhetorical concepts and writing process, including features of various style sheets, to students at MUSC in Writing Center appointments,  class presentations and workshops (25%).


The postdoctoral fellow will assume the following additional responsibilities (15%):


·         Serve as a resource for CAE/WC faculty on issues of second-language acquisition.

·         Conduct research on the project with KAIMRC/KSAU-HS and additional research as requested by CAE/WC faculty and participate in the publication of this research.

·         Assist in the creation of podcasts, videos, audio, and other advanced technologies to achieve not only the work with KAIMRC/KSAU-HS but also to enhance the work of the CAE/WC.

·         Assist in revising current handouts and create additional ones to make the CAE/WC more effective and efficient and to make such resources available for the CAE/WC website and for the website at KAIMRC/KSAU-HS


The candidate should hold a Ph.D. with emphasis in second-language acquisition and composition and rhetoric and have taught writing at the college level.


Projected salary: : $40,000 plus benefits


Jennie Ariail, PhD Professor

Executive Director Academic Support

Center for Academic Excellence/Writing Center Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, SC




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