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Current Lab Members


Graduate Students:

Master's and Bachelor Students:

  • Ankur Patel
  • Franz Hanrieder (at TUM)
  • Fabian Holzl (at TUM)

    Former Lab Members/Visitors

    • Jonah Procyk: graduate student who worked on coarse-grained model development and machine learning for SELEX ensembles; he now works as a research scientist in Novateur
    • Aatmik Mallya: undergraduate student in math and computer science who worked on oxview and nanobase tools; now a PhD student at Yale University
    • Joakim Bohlin: student/research assistant working on polycube assembly models and oxView development; he now works at Chalmers University
    • Erik Poppleton: graduate student who worked on DNA/RNA nanotechnology and tool/method development for nucleic acid nanotechnology simulations; he is now a postdoc in Heidelberg
    • Raghu Pradeep Narayanan: a graduate student/postdoc who worked on large scale assemblies of DNA nanostructures, now a postdoc at UCSF
    • Aditya Parekh: undergradute student from math/computer science, worked on RNA viral genome analysis, now a master's student at CMU
    • Aneta Leskourova: a visiting master's student
    • Harrison LaBolita (rotation project student from Physics PhD program)
    • Joel Joseph: an undergraduate student working on curation and DNA simulations
    • Fan Hong (graduate student jointly with Yan and Green labs): Fan worked on simulations and experiments in DNA nanotechnology, for which he received departmental research award. Fan was then a postdoc in Yin's group at Harvard University, now an assistant professor at University of Florida
    • Nicola Frasson: visiting student from Ca'Foscari University. Nicola worked on Machine Learning for RNA and peptide aptamers
    • Shuchi Sharma: Undergraduate research student; Shuchi is now studying medicine at Ohio State University
    • Capstone project team (Undergraduate project): Roger Romero, Jacob Baca, Jeffrey Luo, Chris Persson, Kai Yin

  • Group photo 2022