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CFP: EATAW 2009 Conference

EATAW 2009 Conference: CALL for PROPOSALS and Online Submission System

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW) is a scholarly organisation and listserv that brings together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe. EATAW currently has some 600 members from all over the world (

The 5th biennial EATAW conference will be hosted by the Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) at Coventry University, England, and will take place from 30th June – 2nd July 2009. The conference’s aim is to share and celebrate the work of writing teachers and scholars in Europe, but also to look beyond the European context to learn about other innovations in researching and teaching student writing. The conference will also include an opportunity for members of the European Writing Centers Association (EWCA) to meet as a group. The purpose of this email is to invite you to consider attending and participating in this important conference.

The conference theme is ‘The Roles of Writing Development in Higher Education and Beyond’. To submit a proposal for a presentation, workshop, round-table, or other type of contribution to the conference, please use the web-based abstract submission system on the ‘Submit a Proposal’ page of the EATAW 2009 conference website:

The deadline for submission of proposals is 31st January 2009.

On behalf of the EATAW Board and the conference organising committee, I look forward to receiving your proposals and to seeing you at the conference!

Best wishes,



Dr. Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams
Co-ordinator:  Centre for Academic Writing
Coventry University
Priory Street
Coventry, England  CV1 5FB

phone +44 (0)2476 887904

Congratulations to Tanita Saenkhum!

Tanita Saenkhum, one of my doctoral advisees specializing in second language writing at ASU, has received the Albert H. Marckwardt Travel Grant to attend TESOL 2009 in Denver, Colorado.

Congratulations, Tanita. Well done!

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NCTE's National Day on Writing

NCTE has declared October 20, 2009 the National Day on Writing. For details, visit: NCTE's National Day on Writing.

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The price of language appropriation

Here is an interesting article about the appropriation of an Asian language by European scientists.

Science journal mistakenly uses flyer for Macau brothel to illustrate report on China

A respected research institute wanted Chinese classical texts to adorn its journal, something beautiful and elegant, to illustrate a special report on China. Instead, it got a racy flyer extolling the lusty details of stripping housewives in a brothel.

The author, Clifford Coonan, quotes some of the reader comments posted on

On, a foreigner-baiting website set up after a commentator on the US broadcaster made anti-Chinese comments following the crackdown in Tibet in March, the reaction was mostly "evil fun". One wrote, "Next time, please find a smart Chinese graduate to check your translation", and another said they should try writing "I am illiterate".

I like how this article highlights the need to consult language experts. But I thought this Beijing-based author of this article could also have used some help from an expert when he wrote:

Chinese is a tonal language, which means words sounding the same can often have very different meanings depending on how they are spoken.

No, the point is that the words don’t sound the same to people who understand the language, though they may sound the same to those who don’t understand a tone language.

(With thanks to Jeff Harling who forwarded the link to this article.)


CFP - Issues in Applied Linguistics

A refereed journal published by the graduate students of UCLA’s Department of Applied Linguistics and TESL, Issues in Applied Linguistics (ial) is currently seeking submissions for volume 17 (2009). The deadline for consideration in volume 17.1 is January 31, 2009; the deadline for consideration in volume 17.2 is July 31, 2009.

ial is particularly interested in publishing new departures and cross-disciplinary applied linguistic research. In the past we have published work on the following topics:

Discourse Analysis
Conversation Analysis
Language and the Brain
Functional Grammar
Second Language Acquisition
Language Socialization
Language Education
Bilingual Education
Language Minorities
Professional Ethics
Research Methodology

ial also publishes book reviews and interviews with notable scholars in applied linguistics, sociology, anthropology, education, and other fields. If there is a researcher you would like to interview, don't hesitate to contact us with your idea.

To submit your manuscript for consideration, please email a copy to and send three copies to the following address:

Issues in Applied Linguistics
UCLA Department of Applied Linguistics
3300 Rolfe Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1531

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Childcare information from the CCCC website

I should have sent this in my earlier message, but here is the information from the CCCC website (

This year we are offering an on-site activity center for childcare, Camp CCCC, during the convention from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday right in the Hilton Hotel. Children ages 6 months to 12 years old are welcome. The center, staffed by experienced CPR and Pediatric First Aid certified professionals, will provide age-appropriate entertaining and educational activities, including storytelling, hands-on crafts, games, the “Build It Zone,” and the “Boogie It Zone.” Infant care stations, rest areas, and “SecurChild®” photo check-in and check-out will ensure a safe, secure environment.

You can register for half-day or full-day care. Registration deadline is January 1, 2009. To get more information about facilities and to register for childcare, go to

I hope this information is helpful,


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